Who is Simply Perfect?

Simply Perfect is Molly Krause! Molly has been a professional makeup artist making brides happy since 2010.


How do I reserve Molly? Do I have to sign a contract right away?


There are two ways to reserve Molly's services:


Option 1: You can book a preview/trial, and you then have until 1 week after that appointment to sign your contract and make your minimum payment. Plenty of time to decide!


Option 2: You can pay and sign with Molly right away, and your preview is scheduled at a later date.


Please note: Everything you pay in advance (besides the preview costs) goes toward your day-of services. We do not charge booking fees or other fees.


Do you offer airbrush?


Yes! Molly uses airbrush foundation. This service is included in all of our pricing. She also carries traditional foundation, and clients can choose between the two. 99% of our clients do choose and love airbrush foundation.


Can we talk on the phone or in person?


Of course! Molly is available for complimentary consultations via phone call or video chat. She will talk with you about your wedding day beauty style and answer any questions you may have. No obligations. Please fill out our booking form to schedule your consultation with Molly.


Can you explain the minimums for service? Why are there minimums?


Our minimums for service are the Bride+3 adults. Since Molly can only do one wedding per day, this ensures she making a certain base rate. This is the same reason we do not offer discounts.

Do you have a studio locaton?


We have an appointment-only studio, located in McHenry, IL, that we use exclusively for previews/trials. Most often we take appointments on Sundays, but be sure to ask if you need a specific date.


What about travel, is that included?


Molly only travels within 30 minutes of Wonder Lake, IL. Travel is included in our pricing.



What precautions are you taking in regards to Covid-19?

Molly is fully vaccinated + boosted against Covid-19. She will be wearing a mask during services and will take all her normal cleaning and sanitizing precautions as well as any necessary additional sanitation that is recommended by the CDC. If you'd like Molly to take extra precautions, she is more than happy to do so, just let us know!


Do you offer hair styling services?

Not at this time. Please let us know if you need some referrals.

I have a question that isn't on this list, who do I ask?


Please fill out our booking form with all of your information for your wedding, and we will get back to you ASAP with an answer!!


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